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The Express Kiosk allows you to quickly sign multiple people in for a single activity.

Keep in mind, the Express Kiosk is designed to be attended by an operator and used to sign in and out a large number of people for a single activity already in your system. If a person attempting to sign in is not in your system, they will have to be added. This can be done through People.

Access KeepnTrack's Express mode on any machine with an internet connection by typing your server domain name followed by “/express" into your browser's Address field (usually located in the upper-left corner of the window), or through the application picker by selecting Express.

The Actions menu displays options to Reset the Window, go to Workstation Management, and Log Out. The latter two options will require authentication. The Languages menu displays options to change the default language of KeepnTrack. Click Reset to clear all information and essentially starting over again. Click Help to direct the user to the Support Center page for Express Kiosk.

Using Express Kiosk

1. Log in

First, log in to KeepnTrack.

2. Select a Facility

Next, select the Facility from the drop down box that Express Kiosk will be using for this session, then click Continue.

3. Select Sign In or Sign Out

The Express interface allows you to lock in a Classification and Activity for rapid Sign In or Sign Out. If you are signing out from a timed activity, choose Timed Sign Out.

4. Select Classification & Destination

Select a Classification type below and then select an Activity to continue. An optional Destination and Notes may also be required for the selected Activity.

5. Select Person

After selecting a classification and activity, supply a full name and birthdate or a KeepnTrack Person ID number.

Alternately, if you have a Universal KeepnTrack Scanner enabled in Workstation Management, you can scan identification to attain a person’s full name and birthdate.

If multiple Person records are found, a list will be displayed with possible matches. Make a selection to continue.

If the person you are trying to sign in is not in your system, you will not be able to sign that person in until they have been added. If the activity will be signing in a substantial amount of people that are not in the system, it is recommended that the operator use Attended Kiosk.