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Eliminate the worries and guesswork involved with maintaining the safety and security of your schools and students. KeepnTrack makes life easier for administrators by creating budget-friendly systems that are fast and easy to implement while performing a number of duties that help to improve school and student safety. It also offers peace of mind to parents and provides essential volunteer tracking tools and reports for Parent Teacher Associations. 

  • Who's in Your Building? Have instantaneous access to the people currently in your facility. KeepnTrack tells you who they are, when they entered, and when they left.
  • Automatic Sex Offender Checks. Be alerted when any visitor attempting to gain access to your facility fails a background check—including the sex offender registry.
  • Employee Tracking. Track your staff hours and work days using easily accessible reports.
  • Volunteer Tracking. Parent Teacher Associations enjoy on-line volunteer applications, extensive time tracking, and secure web-based reporting.
  • Emergency Contacts. In case of emergency, administrators have immediate access to each student’s contact information, including knowledge on who is currently in the building and which students left campus early (for dental appointments or any other reason).
  • Web-Based Software. No costly servers or software maintenance needed. KeepnTrack works with very inexpensive computer workstations—all you need is access to the internet. Installation is fast, easy and budget-friendly. All your data is secure and stored off-site.
  • Increased School and Student Safety. Parents feel at ease knowing that school administrators and staff know exactly who is in the building and that they have passed the necessary background checks.


KeepnTrack makes it easy to sign in/out all your visitors while providing intuitive and extensive reports. KeepnTrack records all visitor traffic in detail, runs instant sex offender checks, prints identification badges and denies unauthorized visitors while notifying the appropriate personnel. All you do is enter the person’s name and date of birth, select their reason for visiting, and print their identification badge. The entire process takes less than ten seconds.

  • Signing out is as easy as typing the visitor’s name or scanning their badge number.
  • KeepnTrack helps protect your school by automatically sending a visitor’s information through a national sex offender database. If a match is found positive, entry is denied and alert notification is sent to on—site staff so that they may contact local law enforcement.
  • Quick Links allow you to see who’s currently on campus, who’s been on campus, and can look up vehicles in case owners need to be located.
  • System flexibility allows you to customize people, activities, and events.
  • Accurate and detailed reports on all the visitors who have ever accessed your facility.
  • Signs visitors in and out for various activities.
  • Search for visitors using selected date ranges.
  • Automatic sex offender checks are logged.
  • Accurate reports for individual schools or entire districts.
  • In event of disaster, all electronic records are stored off—site, offering security and ease.

Managing volunteer programs is usually an undertaking that can waste time and resources. KeepnTrack, however, streamlines the management of volunteer activities/hours and eliminates all manual processes. It also provides an online application where volunteers can be screened and approved in advance.

  • Pre-screen volunteer applications online from your home or office.
  • Volunteer applications are sent through a frequently updated Federal Sex Offender database. If a match is found positive, alert notification is sent to on-site staff.
  • Organizes volunteer programs and links volunteers to events and activities.
  • Reports are available for all traceable hours and expenses.

KeepnTrack manages activities such as field trips, early dismissals, and late arrivals—all while providing immediate reports that inform you where your students are, making unforeseen emergencies smoother.

  • Track student activities such as field trips.
  • Track early dismissals.
  • Track late arrivals.
  • All data is stored electronically for future report creation.

Tired of wasting time wondering where people are and what they are doing? KeepnTrack provides an employee arrival and departure system so that you can see which employees are currently on campus at any given time. This tool is useful for keeping track of mobile employees.

  • Tracks the attendance of your employees as they sign in and out.
  • Provides a quick view report of who’s on campus and who’s not.
  • Great for managing mobile staff that cover several facilities.

With all the vendor activities in our modern world, KeepnTrack allows you to manage all of your vendor traffic and keep you up to speed on what services vendors are performing and how often.

  • Vendors are added to the system which will allow them to sign in/out more quickly in the future.