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When you direct volunteers to your application, you want to make it clear what they are applying for. You also need to ensure they are asked to give you all the information you are going to need not only to review their application, but to get them started volunteering at your facility.

Volunteer Application Preferences is where you can manage various options for the Application. The Display tab shows text that is displayed within the application.

Application Information

This is text that is displayed at the top of the Volunteer Application. Include any rules or guidelines for the application, including what the application is for.

(tick) HTML is supported.

Application Completion URL

Once the application is complete, the applicant is redirected to this URL.

Turn Off Application and display the following note

If you aren't accepting applications at this time, don't leave people hanging! Check this box to turn off applications, then enter a note that will be displayed so people know what's going on. 

What do you actually need to know from your volunteer? Optional fields can be set to disabled (hidden), enabled, or required.

  • Address Field
  • Email Address Field
  • Home Phone Field
  • Work Phone Field
  • Mobile Phone Field
  • Primary Phone Radio Buttons
  • Username and Password
  • Birthdate Field
  • Sex Dropdown Menu
  • Employer Field
  • Felony Conviction Radio Buttons
  • Felony Conviction Question (you can customize this question to fit your needs)
  • Driver License Fields
  • Vehicle Information Fields
  • Ethnicity Dropdown Menu
  • Government ID Field
  • Volunteer Type Dropdown Menu
  • Preferred Activities Field
  • Preferred Times Field
  • Application Notes Field
  • Organization Field

Custom Fields allows you to create your own fields (questions) for the volunteer application and decide if those fields will be disabled, enabled, or enabled and required. Enter up to 8 custom fields that will appear in the Application. Each custom field has a 500 character limit.