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This is currently a beta module being tested for interest. It may become an add-on at a later time. 

Activity is an unattended kiosk interface that allows you to keep count of patron visits, volunteers, and event attendees. Information gathered from this module can be presented to administrators or funding sources for planning and budgeting purposes.


For now, you can access Activity through our demo to try it out. Use "demo" for the username and password. And here are some demo patron barcodes you can use: 1001, 1166, 1035, and 1055.

Once you've tried it, let us know what you think

How to Use the Activity Module

1. Type or scan a patron barcode and click Enter.

2. In the top left corner, the patron's picture, name, and number of in-stock holds will pop up. Patrons can then select their reason (Visit, Event, Classroom Project, or PTA) and click Confirm in the top right corner. They can also click Cancel to enter a different patron barcode.

3. After clicking Confirm, a notice will flash at the bottom of the screen showing the patron's name and date.

Then you're good to go! Alexandria will keep track of recorded names, reasons, dates, and times.