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Researcher Preferences

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2022 11:11

Coming soon, your Researcher preferences—for all Researcher modules—will be accessed through a new interface called Researcher Builder. Learn more about the Alexandria Dream Makeover!


Preferences > Researcher > Researcher
(warning) SYSTEM Preference

Use this preference to select a custom Explore Pane that will be used for your Researcher landing page. You can also set the style of your Researcher using the Style menu below. Use Explore Builder to customize your Researcher contents.

Here you can change the style of your ResearcherExploreSearchSlideshowStatus, and Group Search modules. Once you've selected a style, refresh your browser to see the changes.

Select Researcher Pane

  1. Click Select Researcher Pane to open the Select Pane dialog window.
  2. From the list, select the pane you'd like to make style changes to.
  3. Click OK.


Customize the way Alexandria looks with one of four predefined color schemes:





Bubbly Ocean

Bubbly Ocean (Scout)

You can set your logo to appear on the Researcher pane. Click Choose File to locate your logo file on your computer, or enter the URL in the Logo Link field.


Click the dropdown menu to select when the screen should refresh after inactivity. This will log out users and clear the search fields.


Choose to record patron search terms from Search and Scout. These terms are kept in the log for 30 days and can be retrieved via the Researcher Queries export.


Preferences > Researcher > Researcher
(warning) SYSTEM Preference

Auto-Hide preferences allow you to hide titles that do not have any physical copies in circulation from your Explore, Scout, Search, and Slideshow results. Electronic resources will not be hidden. This can be helpful when adding title record information in advance of incoming copies.

Here are a few things you should know before you enable this preference:

  • Titles will only be hidden if all copies are checked out to a system patron you've chosen to hide from search results, but they do not have to be checked out to the same system patron. For example: 
    • The title in question has four copies, all of which are checked out to a system patron: two are Lost, one is In Processing, and one is On Repair.
      • The title will be hidden if you've opted to hide Lost, In Processing, and On Repair items.
      • The title will be shown if you've opted to hide Lost and On Repair but not In Processing.
  • If the status of a previously hidden copy is updated to Available or it's checked out to a system patron that you have not opted to hide, the title will be included in search results again.

  • Title records that have the Don't Show in Researcher setting checked are hidden from search results, regardless of their status and your Auto-Hide selections.

Enable Auto-Hide

Check this box to automatically hide titles that have zero copies and are not electronic resources. You must check this box to enable any sort of auto-hide, including the "Also Hide Title..." options below.

Also Hide Title When All Copies Are Some Combination of...

These options allow you to mix and match which titles to automatically hide from your search results.

  • Lost
  • Discarded
  • Library Use
  • On Repair
  • On Order
  • Archived
  • In Processing
  • Unknown