The Alexandria Makeover is here! See what has changed.  

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Release Notes

Latest Release

Cloud-Hosted Updates

When you host with us, we take care of all updates! During these updates—the second to last or last weekend every month (Saturday and Sunday)—please plan for possible downtimes with Alexandria. And if you need to contact Customer Support over the weekend, please call us (emails are only responded to during regular business hours Monday–Friday).

Self-Hosted Updates

Once all of the Cloud-Hosted servers have been updated, we will make the update available to Self-Hosted servers.

Here's how to install the update on your Self-Hosted server: 

  1. Log in to Alexandria.
  2. Append /admin to the end of your Alexandria URL.
  3. Click the Actions menu, then select Check For Updates.
  4. Select the update version from the list, then click Update. Your update will now download.
  5. Click Cancel to close the Available Updates window.

Not every version is able to update to the newest version, so the Available Updates window will only include those versions that meet your machine and version requirements.

Self-Hosted Notice

If you self-host on a Mac, hold off updating your servers to macOS 10.15 Catalina. Alexandria will be 64-bit compatible in a future release. We highly recommend you consider Cloud Hosting.

Important Information

Version Numbering Change

As of 20.1, we've simplified our versioning scheme by dropping the series version. We now use the following:

  • xx = academic year, beginning in June; yy = month

For example, 20.1 means:

  • 20 = 2020 academic year
  • 1 = The first monthly update (June)

Centralized Catalogs

If you have more sites than you are licensed for, contact our Sales team immediately at 1-800-347-6439. You can check this in Sites Management; the number of total sites plus the Union Site shows at the top, and the number you have licensed is at the bottom. The Union Site does not require an additional license.

Data Conversion

These Data Conversion notes are for Self Hosted users updating from v7 and switching from v6. If you are cloud-hosted or moving to cloud-hosted, we do everything for you!

Data conversions from older versions may not be supported. Before updating, please check the version you're currently running.

Updating from v7

If you're already running 7.17.12 or newer, you can update to the latest version. But if you're running an older version, you'll need to update a few times.

  • Running 7.16.3? Update to 7.17.12 before updating to the latest version.
  • Running 7.16.2? Update to 7.16.3, then to 7.17.12, before updating to the latest version.
  • Running an even older version? Contact COMPanion Support for assistance. Depending on your current version, your upgrade path may go through one or more of the following: 7.15.3 →  7.16.3  7.17.12 Current Version 

Upgrading from v6

The process to update from 6.23.1 to v7 is quite a bit different than updating from a more recent version. Check out our v6 to v7 Conversion Guide for more information.

  • Running 6.22.9 or older? Update to 6.23.1, then to 7.17.12, before updating to the latest version.

Data conversion can take up to 10 minutes for a single database of average size or longer for larger collections and Centralized Catalogs, during which time the program will be inaccessible in your browser. Do not fear; it's still working. If you're concerned, check your server logs for a progress update.