Use the Patrons module to create, view, modify, and remove patron and operator record data.

To log in directly, add /patrons to the end of your Alexandria URL. 


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Additional Changes to Patrons

Record Selection

You can select multiple records at once using the <ctrl> (Windows) or <cmd> (Mac) key to quickly export, merge, or remove records, or remove patron pictures. Make sure to unlock the Patrons Management first in the top right of the screen.

Picture Controls

Hover over patron pictures to select buttons to easily change, remove, or add new patron pictures. (These options are also still available in the action menu.)


You can view the modification history of a patron record, to see when changes were made, and who made them. Access the modification history in the bottom right corner of the patron record by clicking on the current modification information.

See our Alexandria Makeover page for more information about the changes and improvements!


The Patrons Management module includes a few important and distinct areas:

Search for and open a patron, then click the padlock icon to unlock the record for editing. The current record open in the Patrons module will also be the current patron in the Circulation module, and vice versa.

Hover over or click on the items on the image below for more information.