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Are you considering Alexandria? Go on a guided video tour to see what capabilities and options await your school or organization.

 Alexandria University

Get acquainted with Alexandria and learn how to do some basic functions with this collection of 1-3 minute videos! 


Bolster your knowledge of various Librarian modules, including Circulation, Preferences, and more.


Learn how to use Researcher's search interfaces, filter results, share lists, and more.


Need help that's more in-depth? Take a look at our workshop videos hosted by certified trainers. From running reports to doing inventory, they've got you covered.

 Tip of the Week

Get some quick tips that make navigating and utilizing Alexandria that much easier. You can also sign up to receive current tips in a weekly email.

 Release Updates

See what's changed and improved in various versions of Alexandria.

Learn the Alexandria Makeover interface with our new Learning Alexandria videos. 

Visit our Youtube playlist for subtitled videos. 

Circulation Videos

Items Videos

Patrons Videos

More makeover videos coming soon!

Alexandria Basics

About Us (1:24) 

Welcome to our guided tour of Alexandria library automation. In this segment I will go over the qualifications of our company, and the extra benefits we offer.

Download  (16 MB)

Setup Options (2:26) 

Your setup, your way. Cloud-Hosted, Centralized Catalog, Distributed Union, Alexandria Controller, and Self-Hosted options.

Download  (28 MB)

The Patron Experience (2:03) 

Alexandria’s Researcher is a beautiful suite of interfaces that benefit patrons of all ages. UPDATED: Self-Service and Scout. NEW: Browse.

Download  (24 MB)

Build and Explore (1:28) 

Alexandria lets you create the best experience for your patrons. With Explore Builder, you can tailor-fit your searches to your patrons’ needs.

Download  (18 MB)

Bulletin Boards (2:01) 

Involve your teachers and students with Bulletin Boards to make your library the center of activity.

Download  (23 MB)

Circulation (2:41) 

Librarians spend a lot of time with their library software; which is why we’ve combined advanced technology with a beautiful and innovative user interface, to give you the best possible experience. UPDATED: CirculationReservations, and Patron Status.

Download  (31 MB)

Record Management (2:15) 

It’s easy and fast to manage your item and patron records in Alexandria. 

Download  (24 MB)

Reporting and Data Manipulation (1:54) 

Alexandria’s reports are easy to set up, and any report can be scheduled to run automatically–whenever and however often you need it to. UPDATED: Copies Labels Reports and Item Imports.

Download  (20 MB)

Inventory (1:29) 

It’s time to do inventory—let’s get started... UPDATED: Inventory Options

Download  (16 MB)

Conclusion (1:10) 

Librarians are important. Our goal is to enable you to do as much as you can for your library and your patrons. (See our current Alexandria Requirements.)

Download  (13 MB)

Alexandria University

Welcome, welcome! This video series will get you acquainted with Alexandria's interfaces and capabilities. Feel free to follow along in our Basic Training Guide as well.

Access and Navigation (2:55)

Help and Support (2:47)


Librarian is the management side of Alexandria where librarians and staff can check out books, manage patron and item records, customize settings and preferences, run reports, and much more.


Perform general library activities such as issuing books, placing hold requests and reservations, processing fees, fines, payments, and renewing books in Circulation.

YouTube Playlist

Circulation Welcome (1:55)

Circulation Controls (1:16)

Locating a Patron or Item (1:48)

Circulation Modes (1:53)

Renewing Items (1:45)

Charges and Payments (2:06)

Holds and Reservations (2:22)

 Items Management

Create, view, modify, or remove records that contain information on all assets that circulate (books, magazines, audio, video, media) in your library within Items Management.

YouTube Playlist

Items Welcome (2:02)

Adding New Items (2:21)

Adding Item Copies (1:44)

eBook Items (1:20)

Importing Items (2:51)

Removing Items (2:12)

Item Pictures (1:37)

 Patrons Management

Create, view, modify, or remove records that contain information about the users (i.e. patrons and operators) at your site/school/library within Patrons Management.

YouTube Playlist

Patrons Welcome (1:46)

Adding Patrons (1:59)

Importing Patrons (2:10)

Modifying Patrons (1:14)

Removing Patrons (2:29)

Patron Pictures (2:10)


In Tools, you'll find convenient shortcuts to various tools that help you run reports, do inventory, customize bulletins, and more.

YouTube Playlist

Tools Intro (1:20)

Reports (1:45)

Saving and Scheduling (Part 1) (1:44)

Saving and Scheduling (Part 2) (2:13)

Utilities (2:09)


Configure global settings that customize Alexandria according to your library's needs in Preferences.

YouTube Playlist

Preferences Welcome (1:07)

Patron Preferences (2:46)

Item Preferences (1:55)

Circulation Preferences (1:42)

Z39.50 Preferences (2:05)

Security Preferences (2:52)

Policies Overview (1:05)

Patron Policies (2:32)

Item Policies (2:16)

Policy Exceptions (2:01)


Researcher is the patron-facing side of Alexandria that contains various search interfaces, virtual bulletin boards, and customizable links.

Researcher for Librarians

YouTube Playlist

Researcher Overview (1:05)

Search Interface (1:59)

Scout Interface (1:45)

Explore Interface (1:21)

Bulletins Interface (1:10)

Slideshow (1:34)

Patron Status (1:41)

Researcher for Patrons

YouTube Playlist

Patron-Facing Search (2:17)

Patron-Facing Performing a Search (1:34)

Patron-Facing Holds and Reservations (1:58)

Patron-Facing Lists and Sharing Results (1:56)

Patron-Facing Tags and Reviews (1:26)

Patron-Facing Scout (1:12)

Patron-Facing Scout Tools (1:24)

Patron-Facing Scout Holds (0:57)

Patron-Facing Status (1:31)

Patron-Facing Status Specifics (1:42)


Filling Holds (3:03) (info)

Learn how to place and fill holds in Alexandria.

Download  (32 MB) | Script (PDF)

View Patron History (2:36) (info)

Choose to keep patron history so you can view history and statistics, or disable history for all patrons.

Download  (28 MB) | Script (PDF)

Advancing Patron Grades (3:19) (info)

Learn how to Advance All Patron Grades and update patron policies afterwards.

Download (36 MB) | Script (PDF)

Preferences: Calendars (2:50) (info)

The Calendars Preference in Alexandria lets you set up your own calendars to mark closed days and period due days, and assign certain calendars to patron policies. 

Download  (30 MB) | Script (PDF)

Preferences: Security (5:23) (info)

When you as an Administrator first start using Alexandria, and as you continue to add operators, or users, you will assign each operator a Security Group that dictates what they can and can not do.

Download  (60 MB) | Script (PDF)

z39.50 Sets for Adding Titles (3:51) (info)

You can set up your own z39.50 sets for Title Assistant to access when performing a MARC Search.

Download  (42 MB) | Script (PDF)

Custom Label Reports (5:21) (info)

Set up the content and format of your label reports to print specialized labels for your patrons and items.

Download  (63 MB) | Script (PDF)

Inventory Procedures

YouTube Playlist

Inventory Overview (1:20)

Inventory Circulation Modes (1:36)

Inventory Through Circulation (1:35)

Inventory Circulation Reports (1:49)

Inventory Circulation Utilities (1:59)

Inventory Creating Sessions (2:06)

Inventory and Exceptions (1:45)

Inventory Completion (2:47)

Authority Control (5:05) (info)

Authority Control in Alexandria gives you a simple way to maintain consistency in your bibliographic records. 

Download  (63 MB) | Script (PDF)

Explore Builder (6:44)  (info)

Customize your search interfaces with Explore Builder.

Download  (77 MB) | Script (PDF)

Inventory Management (9:20) (info)

Learn how to use Alexandria’s Inventory module to set up Sessions, perform inventory, and run end reports and utilities.

Download (106 MB) | Script (PDF)

Review Management (4:54) (info)

Use the Review Management module to Approve and manage your patron reviews.

Download  (52 MB) | Script (PDF)

End-of-Year Procedures Part 1: Calendars & Due Dates (1:57) (info)

Part 1 of closing your library covers period due dates and hard due dates.

Download  (29 MB) | Script (PDF)

End-of-Year Procedures Part 2: Circulation & Lost Items (2:46) (info)

Part 2 of closing your library covers running circulation reports and removing lost/discarded items.

Download  (31 MB) | Script (PDF)

End-of-Year Procedures Part 3: Advancing Patron Grades (2:37) (info)

Part 3 of closing your library covers running circulation reports and removing lost/discarded items.

Download  (32 MB) | Script (PDF)

End-of-Year Procedures Part 4: Rebuilds & Backups (1:27) (info)

Part 4 of closing your library covers running a rebuild, backing up your data, and a conclusion.

Download  (17 MB) | Script (PDF)


Alexandria Researcher: Search With Alexandria (3:46) (info)

Let’s learn how to Search your library catalog.

Download  (42 MB) | Script (PDF)

Alexandria Researcher: Filter Your Results (2:00) (info)

Narrow down your search results by using Search Filters. 

Download  (23 MB) | Script (PDF)

Alexandria Researcher: Create Your Own Lists (2:46) (info)

Alexandria Search and Explore let you add books to lists. 

Download  (31 MB) | Script (PDF)

Alexandria Researcher: Share Lists and Results (1:41) (info)

When you find something great in Alexandria, you can share it.

Download  (20 MB) | Script (PDF)

Alexandria Researcher: Print Lists and Results (1:03) (info)

Guess what? You can print your Alexandria list in Citation format.

Download  (12 MB) | Script (PDF)

New Feature: Browse (1:38)

Browse is a unique way to discover something new. Scroll through your library shelves by newest, highest rated, or genre — no keywords required. Genrefy your library without moving books around!

Search Strings (3:42) (info)

How do you do boolean searches in Alexandria Search? How would you set a Slideshow for books about China published in the last 2 years? The answer is Search Strings.

Download  (41 MB) | Script (PDF)


Features & Tools Workshop (57:40)

Learn more about Alexandria v7 Features and Tools with our certified trainers as your guide.
Please take a few minutes to let us know what you thought about the workshop. Take the survey!

Download (658.4 MB)

Inventory Workshop (58:51) (info)

Learn about inventorying your library with our certified trainers as your guide (v7 only).
Please take a few minutes to let us know what you thought about the workshop. Take the survey!

Back to School with Alexandria (57:47)

Download (581.9 MB)

Next Level Reporting (1:03:26)

Learn more about Alexandria Reports with our certified trainers as your guide.
Please take a few minutes to let us know what you thought about the workshop. Take the survey!

Download (533 MB)

Search and Patrons Interface (54:17)

Learn how to get the most out of Patron Status, Search, Scout, and other patron tools, with our certified trainers as your guide.

Please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts about the workshop.

Download (542.6 MB)

Explore Builder & Researcher Preferences (42:59)

Learn more about Alexandria Explore Builder and Researcher Preferences with our certified trainers as your guide.
Afterwards, please take a few minutes to let us know what you thought about it. Take the survey!

Download (375.9 MB)

Bulletins, Maps, and Slideshow Workshop (54:22)

Learn how to get the most out of Bulletins, Maps, and Slideshow with our certified trainers as your guide.
Afterwards, please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts about the workshop.

Download (594 MB)

The Expert Guide to Managing Your Patrons (1:04:25)

In this workshop, we'll be taking a closer look at Patron Management and some of its related preferences and settings,
like Reports, Utilities, Preferences, and more.
Afterwards, please take a minute to let us know your thoughts about the workshop.

Your Items and the Tools to Manage Them (1:13:33)

In this workshop, we'll show you how to maintain a clean catalog using some often overlooked and underutilized tools in Items Management, so your patrons can find what they're looking for. Learn how to use the Genre fields to optimize Search results, create consistent datasets for cataloging series, configure your catalog classification system, and more!

End-of-Year Procedures (32:54)

It's time to close up your library for the summer! For our last workshop of the school year, we take a closer look at the theory and methods of end-of-year procedures. Learn how to prepare your collection for inventory, run end-of-year reports, permanently remove lost and discarded items, clean up your patron policies, back up your data, and more.

Switch to 7: What You Need To Know (40:07)

Are you thinking about upgrading to Alexandria v7? See what exciting features v7 has to offer and get up to speed on what you need to know before making the switch.

Researcher Enhancements (56:21)

Learn how to better use new features like reservations, Browse, and "begins with" search. Afterwards, please fill out the survey to give us your thoughts on the workshop.

Unexpected School Closure "Emergency" Procedures (4:51)

Learn how to prepare your library for an unexpected closure (adjusting calendars, sending messages, and adding Explore buttons).

Tip of the Week

Bulletin Boards (3:30) (info)

Library announcements, book clubs, weekly trivia — do it all through Bulletin Boards.

Download (38.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

Add Credit to a Patron's Account (2:32) (info)

Add credits to a patron's account using the web librarian.

Download (26.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

Using Automatic Email Notifications (2:33) (info)

Learn how to set up Automatic Email Notifications.

Download (27.6 MB) | Script (PDF)

Creating Themed Displays (2:39) (info)

Whether for new arrivals or themed for Halloween or Christmas, you can use Alexandria to keep track of items On Display.

Download (28.3 MB) | Script (PDF)

Adding Study Programs (1:51) (info)

Do you use Study Programs? Did you know you can enter multiple Study Programs in your item records?

Download (19.9 MB) | Script (PDF)

New Copies? In Processing (1:22) (info)

Are you adding new copies to your collection before the items are available? Set their status to In Processing.

Download (15.5 MB) | Script (PDF)

Chromebooks in Your Library (3:49) (info)

It's easy to use Chromebooks with Alexandria.

Download (41.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

No More Fines! — Now What? (2:10) (info)

What kind of changes do you need to make to Alexandra to get ride of overdue fines for good?

Download (23.1 MB) | Script (PDF)

That Doesn't Belong Here! — Alert for Copies from Different Sites (1:09) (info)

Set up a preference to alert you when an item is from another library.

Download (12.6 MB) | Script (PDF)

To Hold or Not to Hold (2:04) (info)

Are there some patrons you don't want placing holds? You can change their permissions.

Download (24.1 MB) | Script (PDF)

Export Patron Fines (1:31) (info)

When you remove patrons from your database, their fines are removed as well. There is a way to make sure the fines follow the student!

Download (18.1 MB) | Script (PDF)

The Magic X (1:33) (info)

Use the X command to clear the current patron and item panes... and more.

Download (17.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

Adding a Note to the Transaction Log (0:57) (info)

Keep track of activity using notes in the Transaction Log.

Download (10.6 MB) | Script (PDF)

Override Dates to the Rescue (1:54) (info)

Did you know you can specify dates other than today for check out, bookdrop, renewals, and inventory?

Download (21.3 MB) | Script (PDF)

Reset Patron Username and Password (2:05) (info)

Do you want to give your patrons more control over the security of their information? Reset their username and password.

Download (21.5 MB) | Script (PDF)

Disable Patron Card Expiration Dates (0:52) (info)

If you don't need your patron's cards to expire, you can Disable Card Expiration Dates.

Download (9.5 MB) | Script (PDF)

In 20.7, the term "card expiration" was renamed "account expiration" throughout Alexandria. Other than the renaming of some preferences and fields, nothing has changed.

Return Statistics (1:19) (info)

Have you ever wondered how often items are returned on time to your library?

Download (14 MB) | Script (PDF)

Reservation by Patron (2:10) (info)

What happens when everyone, all at once, wants to place a reservation on a particular item?

Download (24.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

Easier Way to do Reservations with Dates (1:45) (info)

You can enter the beginning and ending dates for a reservation directly from the command line.

Download (18.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

Help! Alexandria Put My Item In Transit! (1:50) (info)

A tip for Centralized Catalog Libraries.

Download (19.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

Equipment and Books — Out for Repair! (2:02) (info)

If you send books to the bindery or equipment to the repair shop, there is an easy way to keep track of those items with Alexandria.

Download (24.3 MB) | Script (PDF)

Uh Oh! Changing Sounds to Fit Your Style (1:51) (info)

Customize Alexandria alert sounds!

Download (21.6 MB) | Script (PDF)

Release Updates

Alexandria 22.6 Update (5:52)

Check out Alexandria’s new features and improvements in the last year, including new reports and the search widget.

View Script

Alexandria 21.6 Update (3:05)

Take a look at our new features and awesome improvements to both Alexandria and Textbook Tracker!

View Script

Alexandria 20.12 Update (3:59)

See what we’ve been up to lately! We have incredible new services, helpful changes that'll make your life easier, and some great new features for our Alexandria Textbook Tracker users!

View Script

Alexandria 20.6 Update (4:47)

Check out Alexandria’s new features and improvements such as the interactive Item Details and Copy List, additional security options, and updates to Utilities and Reports.

View Script

Alexandria 20.1 Update (4:07)

We’ve got a bunch of goodies for you! Take a look at the new GG4L single sign-on option (SSO), improved Patron Details, Activity preferences, primary email field, and more.

Alexandria 7.19.7 Update (2:54)

Learn more about our newest features, including GG4L SIS integration, new Activity module, Browse by Study Program, and more!

Alexandria 7.19.2 Update (9:21)

Check out the new features heading your way, just in time for the new school year!

What’s new in Alexandria 7.18.6 (5:10) (info)

It’s 7.18.6, and we’re talking Self-Service, Researcher, Offline, and Accessibility.

Download (118 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.18.2 (2:40) (info)

Introducing Textbooks and Clever, changes to Archives, and more.

Download (91.5 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.17.12 (3:43) (info)

Let’s take a look at Patron Status, Series cleanup, and more.

Download (91.5 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.17.11 (4:07) (info)

Scout is official, there's a new Support Center, and a bunch more.

Download (82 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.17.8 (4:24) (info)

Stay tuned for sneak peeks of Scout, Slideshow, MARC editors, and more!

Download (106 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.17.1 (3:50) (info)

Updates to the Data folder and Union Sites, and fun stuff like putting your library logo in the Researcher, and the Send Email report!

Download  (46 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.16.3 (7:37) (info)

Much anticipated features like Advanced Search, Item Management Editors, and improvements to Imports.

What’s new in Alexandria 7.16.2 (5:07) (info)

Wow! Have we got some great updates for you. We’re talking Holds, Money, Passwords, and more.

Download (58 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.16.1 (2:37) (info)

This summer’s release includes numerous subtle changes that we hope will improve the Alexandria experience for both you and your patrons.

Download  (30 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.15.3 (2:02) (info)

Pick Researcher Styles, email patron details, make a recent patron current, and more.

Download  (24 MB) | Script (PDF)

What’s new in Alexandria 7.15.2 (2:57) (info)

Standardize your terminology, put on a slideshow, customize label reports, and more.

Download  (34 MB) | Script (PDF)

Thinking of Switching? (7:19) (info)

Consider these changes before you switch to Alexandria version 7.

Download  (194 MB) | Script (PDF)