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Getting Started Resources

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Welcome to Alexandria

Welcome, welcome! We're happy to be joining you in the important task of running your library.

To get started, you can either go through our guided orientation, or simply look through all of the resources here!

Getting Started Guide for Librarians

Learn how to set up and customize Alexandria for your library's individual needs.

Self-Hosted Guide for Admins

Read information on installation and backups if you're an admin or IT specialist for a self-hosted library.

Basic Training Guide

Get into the groove of using Alexandria by learning how to do the essentials.

Basic Terminology

Part of understanding how Alexandria works is understanding our terminology. Here are a few terms you should know:

  • Data Station. The server that stores your Alexandria catalog database.
  • Librarian. A suite of interfaces your librarians and operators use to navigate and manage Alexandria.
  • Researcher. A suite of interfaces your patrons use to search your collection.

Alexandria Library Resources

Explore our free Alexandria Library resources, from reading-inspired posters to infographics and more!

Icons & Images

Explore Builder icons to enhance your visual searches.

Reading posters

Download our monthly posters to decorate your library.

Infographics & PDFs

Tips to help you navigate your circulation software.

Partner Files

Files to use with add-ons like Capstone.

User Guides

Learn how to use our products more efficiently with our user guides. You can print or save them for easy sharing and viewing.