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Manage Bulletins

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2023 10:44

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards allows you to create virtual boards where you may post and share public bulletins. Both boards and bulletins can be created from any librarian or patron who were trusted with the proper Security credentials.

You can create notices for your library, student-based clubs, upcoming school events, and more. Bulletins can contain images, text, and outside links. You can even attach links to Alexandria reports generated from Operations Management; instead of posting a Patron Overdue List to your library wall, you could provide a link in a special bulletin.

  • You can set the Style (colors);
  • It’s mobile-friendly;
  • and embedded Google Forms and Calendars work great!

Both the boards and their bulletins can be configured individually to only appear visible during specified date ranges, they can be assigned an automatic expiration date, or they can remain posted for an indefinite length of time. Instead of deleting the entire board after an annual event, set it to expire and use it again as a jumping off point for the next year.

Bulletins and/or boards are listed with bold, red text in the Bulletin Boards list when they are not visible to the public.

Your patrons can view public bulletins from the Alexandria Researcher or by typing the IP address (or domain name), port number, and (optional) serial number of your Data Station followed by "/bulletins" in their browser's Address field; also, individual boards may be bookmarked or linked to directly.

Any boards without bulletins won't display to patrons.


The Bulletin Board Management window consists of two distinct areas:

  • The left-hand side of the Bulletin Board Management window belongs to the Bulletin Boards pane—which is essentially a list containing the names of your current boards and their associated bulletins. Selecting (highlighting) a bulletin or a board from this list will display the contents of the record in the right-hand side of the window.
  • The larger, right-hand portion of the Bulletin Board Management window consists of the Boards/Bulletins pane where the contents of the selected bulletin or board record are displayed—in full—allowing you to modify their information or remove them completely.

Centralized Catalog Bulletin Board Management

If you are Centralized Catalog, the Select A Site window appears each time you access the Bulletin Board Management module. This allows you to select the site for the bulletins you would like to manage; however, the choices offered depend on the sites that you, as an operator, have permission to access (review Site Access for more information). Therefore, you may have access to multiple sites, but not all the sites defined in the Sites Management interface interface. Unlike other Alexandria modules and interfaces, the union site record does appear in the Select A Site list; this allows you to access any converted bulletins (bulletins that existed pre-v6.22.5) that need to be assigned a site.