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Search Alexandria and engage with your library using these robust patron interfaces.

To log in directly, add /researcher to the end of your Alexandria URL.


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What's the difference?

Search is when your patrons know the terms they want to look for. 

Browse is when you don't really know what you want.

Explore provides a powerful graphical interface to your Alexandria collection. The interface uses pictures and icons to help patrons who do not yet read proficiently to find what they need in the collection. Often like a librarian-customized browse, for Collections or more. 

Scout is a cute, straightforward interface perfect for younger kids or anybody who doesn't want all the bells and whistles of Search.


Stay logged in

In the top left corner of the window, log in to Researcher with your username and password. Now you can switch between Scout, Search, Status, and more, without logging in again.

Navigation Shortcuts

Tab your way through the links on this page, then tap enter to activate it.

Use the Back button on your browser to navigate to the previous page.

Use keyboard shortcuts to open modules, panes, searches, and URLs in a new tab or window:

    • ⌘ Command + click to open links in a new tab on macOS
    • Ctrl + click to open links in a new tab on Windows
    • Shift + click to open links in a new window


Researcher is a customizable Explore pane. Choose which icons to display in Explore Builder, then go to Researcher Preferences to select that pane, choose a Style, upload your library logo, and more. 


Patrons can access Scout, Search, Status, and more from their phones and tablets, even when they're at home.