The Alexandria Makeover is here! See what has changed.  

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25 February 2023


Alexandria 22.8 is a limited release and most users will see changes in 22.9. Content is subject to change until the official release on Feb 25 2023. 


It’s arrived! After years of planning, design, development, and adjustments, the Alexandria and Textbook Tracker Dream Makeover is finally alive. Circulation, Items, Patrons, Operations, Tools, and Preferences all now have a new look. We’ve also introduced Dashboard, as a handy starting place; and Builder, which holds all of your Researcher settings. There are tons of new features including tutorials and better searching for your patrons and items. 

Read about all the new things and changes on the Alexandria Makeover page. The Changes tab includes some infographics for high-level changes, and more minute details for each interface. 

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Set different styles for Scout! That’s right, you can now color Scout with Seafoam, Mosaic, or Classic styles. They don’t have fun pictures yet, but if you want something besides the cute Bubbly Ocean or the white Professional, now you have options. Fun fact: You might have spoken to McKenzie in Customer Support. Now she’s a developer, and this is her first feature!

Alexandria is now a 64-bit application. If you host your data with us, you might see faster performance. If you host your own data, you can now host on newer machines.

You probably won’t notice anything, and that’s a good thing :) but this massive undertaking prepares Alexandria for the future!


You now have control of your own time zone settings. In the new Preferences, go to Setup > Localization > Time to change your time zone.

New and Improved

  • When you run the Copy Information report in Detailed format, you’ll now see the ISBN, which is helpful for reordering/budgeting purposes. This idea is thanks to Loraine from South County HS, VA.
  • Copies Not Inventoried Report has a new selection for Copies Last Used, so you can see how long items have been missing from the collection. This idea is thanks to Linda from Buffalo Public Schools.
  • Textbook Tracker users can now print barcode labels that include the Copy Tag value. This means you can have a barcode that looks like “12345678764”, but a Copy Tag that looks like “#16”, making it easier for patrons (and you) to identify which number of that particular textbook they have.
  • Every so often, more often than you’d think, our support team gets a frantic request for a password reset. As long as you have an email in your patron record, you can always reset your password. So now we are requiring emails for District Administrators, and we highly, highly, highly recommend it for all other operators!
  • Although ISBNs are supposed to be special and unique per title, that doesn’t always happen….Which means that sometimes when doing imports matching on ISBN you get titles updating when you don’t want them to. So now our ISBN matching on imports also matches on title. This means a record won’t update unless both ISBN and title match.


  • When In-Transit preferences were disabled, every time a patron was selected in Circulation the circulation log would so helpful tell you that In-Transit is disabled….No, that’s not helpful. We’ve fixed it.
  • Sometimes when importing, users were seeing their barcodes being reassigned, even though that barcode did NOT exist. This was all a big misunderstanding and now it’s been set straight.
  • For some reason, transaction scripts weren’t been executed at the current site, and items were being put In Transit when they shouldn’t be. Now you can use transaction scripts (and Offline mode) easier in a centralized catalog.
  • Series volume now shows in the Makeover Circulation Current Item pane!
  • When sending Patron Details email from the Makeover Circulation, the email will now autofill if the patron has an email in their record.
  • Cover art image size limits were being annoying. We’ve fixed them. You should be able to add most sizes of cover art in the Makeover Items Management now.
  • Lots of other Makeover fixes in order to get it ready for you!!
  • Some of our 2-per-page notice formats were printing with inconsistent sizing, meaning you couldn’t just stick them in a paper cutter and slice down the middle. We’ve fixed the sizing!
  • The Unused Barcodes report was being wonky with 13 and 14-digit barcode ranges. Now it’s fixed.

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