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Alexandria Add-ons

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Alexandria has multiple integrations and add-ons to fit your library. This is not a complete list—call our Sales team at 1.800.347.6439 to ask about your options!

See what you're licensed for by clicking on the question mark icon in the top right corner, then selecting About Alexandria.

Mitinet Data Services

Get really great MARC records and make your collection even more discoverable. 

E5577 Z39.50 Server Support

Turn your collection into a Z39.50 server for others to access.

E5588 Advanced Bookings Integration

If you manage a lot of reservations at your library, you'll want these extra features.

E5590b Expanded Lexile Services

View, edit, and store more Lexile information for patrons and items.

E7500 NoveList Integration

What do I read next? Help your patrons explore their options with this add-on for Search.

E5960 Sneak Peek Integration

Give your patrons access to cover images, summaries, and reviews for all the titles in your collection.

E5799 Online Services Integration

Our most popular option!

Also ask us about our LightBox and AV2 ebook subscriptions!

E9999 Public Library Enrichment Integration

If you are a public library you'll want to consider this collection of add-ons.

  • Online Services Integration Package
  • Library Security Integration

E8888G SIS Integration K-12 w/GG4L

Sync all your student information from one place, and take advantage of SSO!

COMPanion will be discontinuing SIF support as of version Alex 22.1 in Summer 2022. Contact our Sales Team to learn more about GG4L!

Saved Imports (FTP, FTPS, SFTP Import Services)

E8888 SIS Integration K-12 w/Clever

Sync all your student information from one place!

Alexandria Engagement+

If you have the GG4L SIS Integration, also consider Alexandria Engagement+ to measure student online reading, learning, and engagement.

E1000 Activities

We know your library is used for things other than checking out books. Now you can prove it.

Textbook Tracker

Textbook and asset management. 

Learn about the benefits of using Alexandria Librarian and Textbook Tracker together.

Alexandria Navigator

One place to search your Alexandria collection along with the rest of your databases.

Learn more

Integrated Email Service 

 Leave behind the headache of managing your own server, or trusting some external source—we can handle and send all of your Alexandria emails for you.

Google SSO

Looking for a Single-Sign-On solution? Alexandria now offers Google SSO! Google SSO is perfect for schools and districts already using Google.