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Tip for: 11.30.15

Thanksgiving is past—it’s time to prepare for the winter holidays. Here are some icons you can use in Explore to help your patrons find holiday items!

These icons can be used for Christmas, Hannukah, the New Year, the Chinese New Year, and the Winter Solstice… or whatever you want to use them for.

Version 6 users: Download the icons by dragging the picture to your desktop, right-clicking and saving the image, or downloading all 6 images at the same time with this zipped file.

Version 7 users: You have access to all of these icons already! Open Explore Builder, choose any pane (such as Holidays), and click Copy From Pane. This lets you copy any icon (and link) from any pane to any other pane.

Drop those images right in your Explore panes to create buttons, and link to other panes, saved lists, items in your catalog, Bulletin Boards, recipe websites, and more, or have the button pop up a holiday message! the holiday icons featured in last year's newsletter!

Happy Holidays!

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