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January 29, 2024

The school is closed due to severe winter storms, and Miss Honey realizes there will be lots of overdue books that couldn't be returned due to the unexpected closure. Time to recompute the due date!

How to recompute your due date

Update your calendar

  1. Go to Tools > Calendars

  2. Click once on the day(s) you’d like to mark closed

    1. To change the Closed date for the same day of the week for the selected month, click on one of the Sun through Sat buttons at the top of the calendar.

  3. Click Save at the top right corner.

Keep in mind that under the Patron Policies, there is the “Only Count Open Days In Loan Period” preference that will extend the loan period if you are closing dates and this preference is checked.

Run the Recompute Due Dates utility

**It is recommended to run an archive before making any large changes to your database - My data!—All about archives**

  1. Go to Operations > Utilities > Circulation > Recompute Due Dates

  2. Click Run and confirm the utility

And that's it! You're all set.

Pasha believes that winter is for hibernation.

As always, reach out to our amazing support team at (800) 347-4942 · for help!

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