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’Tis the season for sharing! Last week we showed you how to catalog links. So this week, we want to share with you some great online resources. 
In turn, you can share these resources with your students by adding them to your Alexandria catalog!

A link in Researcher


Project Gutenberg has a huge database of books that are in the public domain. They usually offer several different file types, such as EPUB, Kindle, PDF, and straight HTML (to read online). Find Shakespeare, Henry David Thoreau, Aesop, Russian fairy tales, and more! 
Here, download a PDF of The Iliad by Homer. 

LibriVox is a growing database of public domain audiobooks, read by volunteers. The Adventures of Old Man Coyote, anyone? How about Up One Pair of Stairs of My Bookhouse

View and download over 400 free books from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Find books on:

And of course much more! 

Links don’t have to be to written resources. Create an item for this History Channel Documentary of the Library of Alexandria

Get more for your collection with BookBub, which allows you to mark eBook categories you are interested in—Mystery, Fantasy, Cookbooks, etc—and emails you with discounted and free* titles in those categories, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. 
*As it has become easier and easier to publish eBooks, these deals range from award-winning authors such as Robin McKinley to inexperienced authors whose books you aren’t sure you want even if they are free. 

There are hundreds of great online resources you can usually find with a Google search. Take the time to gather some materials. I’ll help you get started, with this—just what you’ve always wanted: a PDF of the Epic of Gilgamesh!

Or perhaps A Christmas Carol better matches the season.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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