Tip for: 11.03.14

It’s time to add some eBooks to your Alexandria collection!

This tip is outdated for version 7. Please see Add Titles - Import Electronic Resources instead.

Remember, if you are using OverDrive ebooks, the records will be imported into Alexandria automatically.

Other vendors -- Axis360Capstone Interactive, and MackinVIA -- will provide MARC records you can import.

Because ebooks don’t have copies, you will want to set some specific Item Settings when importing a vendor file of ebooks into Alexandria.

To add ebooks to Alexandria:

  • Drag and drop your vendor file on Circulation.
  • In the Import module, under Status, check the box Archive First.
  • Go to the Item Settings tab.
  • Change the Copies drop-down menu to Never Add Copies.
  • Make sure Reassign Duplicate Barcodes is checked.
  • Uncheck Allow Title Updates.
  • Select the Item Policy, such as eBook, and fill in any other applicable fields.
  • Click on Run.

After the import, be sure to check Operation Management:

  • From Tools in the menu bar, open Operation Management.
  • Locate the Import and click the information icon.
  • Check that the records imported correctly.

Did you know you can try out some Capstone Interactive ebooks for free? To find out how, follow the wiki link to Importing eBooks.

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