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Explore Builder Preferences Workshop

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28 November 2018

Explore Builder is now accessed via Builder > Explore Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Explore builder used for?

Explore Builder is used to customize Researcher and Search buttons and panes for a personalized experience.

Where do I get Images to add to my buttons? Where do I get images to use as buttons?

We've included a catalog of icons for you to use throughout all the default Explore Builder panes. To use a custom icon or image, save the icon to your computer and then drag it into an Explore Pane.

How do I create a button with multiple search criteria?

For a button to a complex search, you will need to create a search string. Read Search Strings to learn how to create one.

Can I create a button for teachers or specific classroom readings?

Absolutely! You can ask the teacher log in to Search, create a custom list, and send you the link so you can create the button. Or you could add that teachers name to the each item as a term or note, and then build a simple button to search for that term.

Is there a specific part of an item record that I need to place a term for searching?

When you run a Smart Search in Alexandria, it does not matter where the search term is located in the item record. If there's a match, the item will be displayed in your results.

If you're running a more detailed search, such as a subject search, you'll want to make sure the search term can be found in that specific field. For example, if you choose to search by subject, Alexandria will only search for a match in the subject fields.

Is there a limit to the number of buttons and panes I can create?

Each pane is limited to 16 buttons, but you can have an unlimited number of panes. Create buttons that link to other panes, websites, searches, or any other type of information you'd like to share with your patrons.

What’s the difference between Researcher, Search, Scout, and Explore?

Researcher is a group of patron-facing search interfaces, that includes Search (advanced searching), Scout (a simpler search for younger patrons), Explore (click an icon to view that category), and more. Check out our October Training Workshop workshop to learn more about Search and other patrons interfaces.