Tip for February 25, 2019

Darla has a particular request. She has heard that Raina Telgemeier is about to release a new book, and she really wants to be the first one to check it out when your library receives it. Well, you won't play favorites, because that's unfair, but there is a way Darla can get in line early. 

Circulation - On Order

On Order

Sometimes vendors will send the MARC records to you before the order is shipped. When they do, you can import the records into Alexandria and assign them to the On Order system patron (barcode 5), which is used to indicate items that are in your system but are not currently available for circulation. Your patrons will be able to see the item in their search results, and they can even place a hold on it before it arrives.

Here's what you do:

  1. Import the MARC records into Alexandria.
  2. To make the records easier to find, assign them to In Processing upon import. 
    • v7 In the Options tab, check the box "Set New Copies as 'In Processing'."
    • v6 In the Item Settings tab, check the box "Set Copy Status as 'In Processing'."
  3. Go to Utilities and go to the Copies category. 
    • v7 Select the Check Out to System Patron utility.
    • v6 Select the Check Out utility.
  4. Open the Options tab.
    • v7 Set the Check Out Selected Copies to dropdown to On Order.
    • v6 Set To Patron to 5-On Order Copies.
  5. Select by accession date, then set the date you added the items. 
    • v7 Fill in the Copies Added selection. If applicable, set Copies with a Status of to In Processing.
    • v6 Add a selection for Copy Accession Date.
  6. Run the utility. Those items will now show in Researcher as On Order (according to your Auto-Hide preferences).
  7. When the order arrives, simply bookdrop the items to change their status to Available, and Alexandria will let you know if there are any holds pending. If you need additional time to process the items, check them out to In Process (barcode 7) first!

Darla and your other patrons will love being able to see that these items are coming!

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