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November 11th, 2019

Do spelling errors sometimes get in the way of your patrons and the results they're looking for in Researcher? Good news! We know of something that will help: Chrome's Enhanced spell check.

With this handy tool, patrons will know they've made a spelling error in their search because it will be underlined in red. They can then right-click and choose the correct word from Chrome's listed suggestions.

How to enable Enhanced spell check
  1. Open a Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Click on the three dots to the right of the search bar ("Customize and control Google Chrome") and click on Settings.
  3. Click on Sync and Google services.
  4. Turn Enhanced spell check on.
  5. Complete this process for each search station in your library.
What makes Enhanced spell check different from Basic spell check?

Chrome's default Basic spell check has a limited database and only checks a small list of words. However, Enhanced spell check uses the same word list as the Google search engine, meaning it checks over a million words and phrases. Overall, it's quite advanced and catches more spelling errors.

Now you can sit back as those "elehpants" turn to "elephants" and patrons find exactly what they're looking for!

See also Missing the MARC? for adding alternate terms!

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