November 25th, 2019

Which report shows the day of the week your library gets the most activity? How do you use the Title Information by Series report to see which titles you're missing in a particular series? We know navigating Alexandria reports can sometimes be a bit tricky. That's why we're thrilled to announce new reports documentation in our Support Center!

That's right. For every single report, you can now look up what it does, read about situations in which you might use it, and view PDF examples of each format.

This documentation is organized exactly like the reports section in Alexandria, with the same categories and subcategories. Start on the Complete Reports List page and click on a category icon or type the specific report's name in the search bar. Once you're on a subcategory page, click on the report's name to expand that section. 

For example...

If I were trying to find the Patron Balance report, I would click on the Circulation category icon, then the Charges and Information subcategory, and then Patron Balance. Or, if I didn't know which category icon to click on, I would simply type "Patron Balance report" in that page's little search bar and click on the subcategory that pops up in the results. Voilà!

Which reports do you use the most, and what do you use them for? Share with everyone in the comments!

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