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May 16th, 2022

The end of the school year is almost here! What else can you do in Alexandria to get ready for the break? 

End-of-Year Procedures 

We have all the info you need for your end-of-year procedures to make sure you're library is all set for the break. We recommend reading through each tab in order. You can download and print this End-of-Year Procedures sheet as a helpful reminder!

Backing Up Data


Only self-hosted users need to back up their data. If you're cloud-hosted, COMPanion does it for you! Learn more about the benefits of going to Cloud Hosted.


The final step before closing your library for the summer is to create a complete backup of your Alexandria Data folder. 

For self-hosted libraries, we recommend storing your backups with a file hosting or cloud storage service, like Dropbox or CrashPlan, which are specifically designed to backup to other machines or off-site servers. If you use an external hard drive, we suggest storing it in a fire-resistant safe in an off-site location. It may seem extreme, but you never know what will happen, and we want you to be prepared for the worst. Unlike an archive, backups are considered a "last resort" in case everything else fails.

Read Back Up Your Data to learn more.

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Here's our collection of 2022 End-of-Year Tips

Remember, you can contact our 24/7 Support team at if you need help or have any questions!

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