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July 11th, 2022

School may be out for the summer, but public libraries are in full swing!  We're stopping in with a quick tip for all the public libraries using Alexandria. 

Add Expiration Dates

Putting expiration dates on your patron accounts helps you keep track of your patrons, and keep your system organized. First, enable account expiration dates by going to to Preferences > Patrons > then deselect Disable account expiration dates.  You can adjust the account expiration setting in Policies, and specific expiration dates in the individual patron details.

Account Expiration Notices

Let your patrons know their account is expiring within a certain number of days using the Account Expiring Notice. If patrons come to renew their accounts before they have expired, go to the patron's record and update the date. If the patron is already expired, you can make them current in Circulation and a notice box will appear, asking if you want to renew the patron. 

Track Expiring Accounts

Want to know which of your patrons are expired? Go to Tools > Reports > Patrons > Patron Information, then select by patrons with a status of inactive.

Remove Expired Accounts

To remove expired patrons, go to Tools > Utilities > Patrons > Remove Patrons, and select by Inactive status. Want to only remove patrons that are severely expired? Use the "Accounts Expiring On" date range field in the utility. 

The Makeover betas are here! Look in Circulation, Items, and Patrons for a purple alert button  at the top of your screen. That will take you to the Makeover beta in our demo where you can play around recklessly.

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