Tip for: 11.13.17

Darla owes 25¢ for one overdue book, 50¢ for another, and $1.25 for a third book from the week before. She comes in with two $1 bills to pay her fines. How do you tackle it?

Circulation Charges Tab

You can pay each fine one by one, selecting the record and recording the payment. The better way would be to pay them all at once!

In v6, the payment window will default to a payment for all charges, or you can change it to pay a smaller amount.

In v7, you can select multiple fines, and pay them all at once.

To select specific charges:

  • Click on one charge.
  • Hold down the <command> or <control> key on the keyboard and click any other charges.

To select all charges:

  • Click on the top charge.
  • Hold down <shift> on the keyboard and click the bottom charge.

When you have them selected, click Make Payment. The payment window will show the total for these charges, and you can enter Darla’s $2 in the payment field.

Make Payment Window

Note that this will generate separate receipts per transaction, in this case three receipts for the three overdue charges, and three records under the History subtab. This way, if you need to refund one of the charges later, you can still do so.

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