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Tip for: 02.16.16

Do you have some items in your library that are in high demand from our teachers? Check them out just for a day to ensure everybody gets a chance! 

Overnight Check Out Command Help

In Alexandria you can do what is called an Overnight Checkout. It’s just like a normal checkout, except that it sets the due day for the day after checkout. 
So that video about George Washington all your teachers want to show the week of President’s Day? Check it out one day after another! 

To check out an item overnight:

  • In Circulation, make the patron current by typing their barcode or using the L command to look them up.
  • Type O (not case-sensitive) in the Command Line, then enter the barcode of the item to be checked out overnight.
  • Press <enter>.

That’s it! Doing that today for one teacher means the video will be due tomorrow and you can be prepared to check it out to the next person who wants it. 

Extra tip: You can set a group of items to Same Day Check Out using Policies. 

  • Open Preferences and go to your Policies.
  • Choose the policy you want, or create a new policy (e.g. Holiday Items).
  • On the Item Policy side, change the Transaction Period to Same Day Check Out.
  • Save the preference.
  • Assign the appropriate items to that policy.

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