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Tip for: 10.05.15

Alexandria integrates with OverDrive Digital Distribution. Let’s look at setting up your Extras Preferences for OverDrive. 
Note: The following Tip applies to both version 6 and 7 of Alexandria. 

To enable OverDrive integration with Alexandria*:

  • Provide your Alexandria Data Station server IP Address (or domain name), web port, and Serial Number to OverDrive. Note that your Data Station must be publicly accessible outside of your site or district firewall.
  • Create your OverDrive Code and provide it to your OverDrive account representative.
  • Use your OverDrive Account ID so that Alexandria can automatically obtain title information, cover art, and availability. If you don't know your Account ID, please contact OverDrive. (216)-573-6886.

*Note OverDrive is a paid add-on. Contact our Sales Team at 1-800-347-6439 to learn more. 

To set OverDrive Preferences:

  1. From Tools, open Preferences.
  2. Under the Management category, click on Extras.
  3. Select OverDrive from the list on the left.
  4. Check the box to Enable OverDrive.
  5. Fill in the Vendor URL (e.g. for your reference.
  6. Enter your OverDrive ID.
  7. Enter your OverDrive Code.
  8. OverDrive Advantage lets you purchase additional copies of popular or unique titles that your union does not own. Enter your Advantage Account Name here. If you don’t know your account name, contact OverDrive. (216)-573-6886.
  9. Set a default policy for OverDrive items when they are imported—choose your eBook or eBook equivalent policy.
  10. Save the preference.

What is this ‘OverDrive Code’? 
The OverDrive Code, which OverDrive refers to as an ILS Vendor Authentication or Terminal Password, is essentially a password which you create and provide to OverDrive. It allows OverDrive to communicate with Alexandria in order to authenticate Alexandria patrons. 
Be sure the code is no less than seven alphanumerics (letters or numbers), without spaces, punctuation, or special characters. 

OverDrive eBooks in Researcher 
When Patrons perform a search, the OverDrive ebooks can be quickly spotted by the cover art

After logging in to the Researcher, patrons can add the ebooks to lists and write reviews, just as with your other resources. By clicking on the cover art or link, the patron will be taken to your library’s OverDrive account where they can check books out or place them on hold if no copies are available. 

OverDrive will authenticate this patron with Alexandria to ensure they are in good standing with your library, and are allowed checkouts of this type according to Alexandria preferences and policies

Additional Information 

  • Records will import automatically, and your patrons will have access to the OverDrive ebooks through the Researcher modules. 
  • Be aware that OverDrive eBooks will import as title records, and they do not need copies
  • OverDrive ebooks can not be directly viewed from Alexandria. Patrons will need to sign in to OverDrive with their personal log-ins in order to view and check out OverDrive materials. 
  • Patrons can use the OverDrive app to manage and read their OverDrive ebooks. 

OverDrive® is a registered trademark of OverDrive, Inc. 

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