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Tip for: 10.19.15

Did you find some great books in the Alexandria Researcher? Maybe some scary ones in preparation for Halloween? Make a list!

There are two types of lists: for when you are logged in to the Researcher, and for when you are not logged in. 

When you are not logged in, you can only add items to the Temp List (or Temp Basket). You can view and print this list as long as you are active in the window, but when the window refreshes the list will disappear. 

When you are logged in, you have access to a Default List, and to any lists you have created—these lists will not disappear. 
Every user can have multiple lists. 

To create a list in version 6:

  1. Click the plus icon by the Lists list on the left.
  2. Name the list.
  3. Press Ok.

To create a list in version 7:

  1. Click on My Lists at the top to the right of the Search bar.
  2. Choose Create Saved List…
  3. Name the list.
  4. Decide if you want the list Public or Private. Only Public lists can be shared.
  5. Press Save.

You can add items to your lists from any kind of search result, including Explore searches. 

To add an item to your list:

  1. Perform your search.
  2. Click on Add to List, or the list icon  in version 7.
  3. Select the list.

The item will be added to your list. 

To view your list:

  • In version 6, select the list under the Lists menu to the left.
  • In version 7, click on My Lists, and select your list.
  • In the new Alexandria version 7 Researcher, lists can be shared with anyone.

To share your list:

  • View the list.
  • Click the list icon  at the top left and choose Edit List.
  • Change the Sharing to Public and Save the list.
  • Click on the Share icon  at the top left.*
  • Copy the URL, and share it with anyone.

*You may need to close and re-open the list for the share icon to appear.

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