Tip for: 10.02.17

You create lists to keep track of the books you want to read, or the books you want your students to read. Managing those lists should be easy enough—here’s a quick tip for removing items from your list.

Remove From List

In version 7, select the item in the list, and in the list menu you can Remove the selected item. You probably knew that. What you might not have known is that you can select multiple items using the shift key, or the command/control key on your keyboard.

As of 7.16.3, you can also use the <delete> key to remove the selected item or items!

Learn more about v7 lists here: Alexandria Researcher - Search Lists

In version 6, hover over the list, and for each item in the list you can use the red X to remove it. Read more about v6 lists here: Custom Saved Lists

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