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Patrons Reports

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2022 15:53

Tools > Reports > Patrons

Report NameWhat does the report generate?
Patron Counts Statistics showing how many patrons belong to the groups you select for
Patron Information List of simple or detailed patron information
Patron NotesList of Contact, General, Alert, and/or Category Notes for selected patrons
Account Expiring NoticeEmails patrons whose accounts are expiring in the next 30 days
Account Introduction Informational slips for patrons with their login credentials and other important library information
Patron Details Summary Patron Details for each selected patron (a full breakdown of accounts)
Patrons Missing InformationList of patrons without an email or picture on their record
Suspended Patrons List of patrons with a Suspended status and/or suspension notice letters for both patrons and parents
Patron Barcode Labels (3x10) Labels containing patron barcodes and other customizable patron information
Patron Labels (4x20) Labels with customizable patron information
Patron Mailing Labels (3x10) Labels with patron addresses

Library Cards (2x5)

Customizable library cards
Patron Desk Reference Reference sheet with patron photos, barcodes, and optional contact information
Review Analysis Statistics on items that have been reviewed
Activity SummaryList of Activity sign-ins from a specified time period and/or activity
Send Email Sends out a customizable email to a selection of patrons
Send Patron Details EmailSends out an individualized Details report to selected patrons