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December 9th, 2019

We know that training patrons on library software and answering constant questions can be time-consuming. Maybe your library is new to Alexandria, or your patrons just aren't super comfortable using Researcher yet... Whatever your situation, you should check out our new training videos for patrons!

Each 1-2 minute video shows patrons how to do a basic function in Researcher, such as using Scout, placing holds, creating lists, and more. 

These videos can be viewed in two places:

  1. Go to the Alexandria University: Patron-Facing Interfaces playlist on our YouTube channel. 
  2. Or find them in the "Patron-Facing Interfaces" section of our Video Directory's Alexandria University tab.

Show the videos in a group setting, or give everyone the link to watch on their own time. Either way, your patrons will feel more confident navigating your catalog.

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