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November 9th, 2020

Miss Honey is ready to run a Coming Due Items Notice report for books due next week. But... what if she wants to schedule it to run every week? Sending out notices for items that were due from November 15th–21st won't be helpful in the future. Luckily, you can use date ranges or relative dates.

When inputting dates in Alexandria reports, you have the choice between two types:

  • Date Range: The time in between two specified dates (i.e. 11/15/20–11/21/20).
  • Relative Date: A generalized time period, such as a week or a month, rather than specific dates.

You can use the little dropdown to the right of a selection involving dates to switch between Date Range to Relative Date.

In Miss Honey's case, she'd use a Relative Date combination of "Next 1 Week" for the Patrons with Items Due selection. Then, once scheduled, only notices that are relevant to the following week will go out!

In v6, you can use Adaptive Dates for similar purposes.

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