Tip for: 10.11.16

When an item is lost or discarded, you may want it to remain in your database for a period of time.* If you don't want patrons to see these items in the meantime, the solution is simple with Alexandria's Auto-Hide feature.

*e.g. a lost item might later be found, or you might leave the discarded items in the database until the end-of-the-year reports have been run.

Auto-Hide Preferences

To automatically hide items: 
• Go to Tools and select Preferences
• Select Researcher from the Management category. 
• Click on Researcher under Modules. 
• Go to the Auto-Hide tab. 
• Check the option to Enable Auto-Hide
• Check any applicable statuses. 
• Save the preference. 
Note: Auto-Hide is a system-level preference and will apply to all of your sites.

Enabling Auto-Hide will hide titles in patron interfaces that have no copies and are not electronic resources.

Note that something can be marked as an electronic resource through its policy, as Show as Online in Researcher.

Once you’ve enabled the overall auto-hide, you have further options for hiding titles whose copies are In Processing, Lost, Discarded, and so forth.

This is useful to prevent patrons from viewing or placing holds on items that are not actually available for them to use, and may never be.

Remember, you can change the status of items via Circulation by checking them out to the appropriate System Patron. Learn more about System Patrons.

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