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Tip for: 09.14.15

Alexandria is closely integrated with Baker & Taylor’s ebook system Axis 360. Let’s look at setting up your Extras Preferences for Axis 360. 
Note: The following Tip applies to both version 6 and 7 of Alexandria. 

Alexandria Extras Preferences  contain the settings for Alexandria’s various 3rd-party partners. 

To enable Axis 360 integration*:

  1. From Tools, open Preferences.
  2. Under the Management category, click on Extras.
  3. Select Axis 360 from the list on the left.
  4. Check the box to Enable Axis 360.
  5. Fill in the Vendor URL (e.g. for easy access in Circulation.
  6. Enter your Axis Code.
  7. Save the preference.

*Note Axis 360 is a paid add-on. Contact our Sales Team to learn more. 

What is this ‘Axis Code’? 

Axis 360 communicates with Alexandria via SIP2 (over the web port) to determine whether a patron's Status is valid and whether they are authorized to check out ebooks. 
When Alexandria gets SIP2 messages from Axis 360, Alexandria uses this code to verify that it’s from Axis 360, and that they will work together in accordance with registration, policies, and other settings. By default, this code is your Data Station’s Serial Number. 

Axis 360 eBooks in Researcher 
When Patrons perform a search, the Axis 360 ebooks can be quickly spotted by the cover art

Patrons can read and write reviews, share links, and add the ebook to their lists just as with other types of items. 
Clicking the cover art or title link will take the patron to the details for this ebook in your Axis 360 digital library. From there, the patron can check out the ebook, place it on hold, or view other ebooks in your digital library. 
Axis 360 will authenticate this patron with Alexandria to ensure they are in good standing with your library, and are allowed checkouts of this type according to Alexandria preferences and policies. 

Additional Information 

  • When you choose the Baker & Taylor Axis 360 solution, you will receive MARC records for your ebooks; import the records into Alexandria, and those ebooks become available through the Alexandria Researcher just like your other resources. 
  • Be aware that Axis 360 ebooks will import as title records, and they do not need copies. By default they will be assigned to the eBook policy. 
  • Regardless of the Item Policy, the Maximum Loaned Items in the Patron Policy must be set to something above 0. Holds, reservations, and renewals are not available from within Alexandria for Axis 360 ebooks. 
  • Axis 360 ebooks can not be directly viewed from Alexandria. Patrons will need to sign in to the Axis 360 site with their personal log-ins in order to view and check out the Axis 360 materials. 
  • Patrons can use the Blio app to manage and read their Axis 360 ebooks. The Blio app is available for most eReader devices. 

Axis 360 Copyright © Baker & Taylor, Inc. 

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