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Tip for: 09.21.15

When you buy books with Mackin, and have the Mackin add-on, Alexandria will automatically import those records. Let’s look at setting up your Mackin preferences. 
Note: The following Tip applies to both version 6 and 7 of Alexandria. 

To enable Mackin integration with Alexandria:

  1. From Tools, open Preferences.
  2. Under the Management category, click on Extras.
  3. Select Mackin from the list on the left.
  4. Check the box to Enable Mackin.
  5. Fill in the Vendor URL (e.g. (and username and password) for easy access through Circulation.
  6. Save the preference.

When you buy from Mackin, they put those records on their server. The next time Daily Chores run in Alexandria, it will automatically import the records. Note: These import settings apply also to MackinVIA imports.
To set import preferences:

  1. In the Mackin preference, go to the Tools tab.
  2. Choose to use Policy Mapping, or manually set what policy to use for PrintedeBook, and Audiobook Materials.
  3. Adjust the Title Match Sensitivity to determine how close a title must match before it’s an update rather than a new item. The default is Normal.
  4. Enable Call Number Matching to help with the Title Matching*.
  5. Check the box to Set Copy Status to In-Processing for Printed Materials.
  6. Save the preference.

*Central Union databases that are not using title call numbers may want to disable Call Number Matching to avoid duplicate title records that vary only by call number. 

Export your collection from any of your sites to send to Mackin. Mackin will analyze the catalog to determine which titles and copies should be replaced, and how much it would cost to do so with Mackin. 
To run the export for the site you are currently signed in to:

  1. Click Mackin Export.
  2. Go to Operation Management.
  3. Download the file, then send the file to Mackin for review and analysis.

If you are having trouble setting up your Mackin imports, please contact Mackin for your Username and Password. 

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