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January 25th, 2021

Every so often, Miss Honey likes to send out the Unpaid Charges Notice report. This reminds students of charges they still need to pay. But... she doesn't want to keep bothering students with small charges. Is there a way to send notices only to patrons with charges more than $1? Alexandria has a selection for that! 

Unpaid Charges Notice report

There are two Alexandria notices that focus on unpaid charges:

Both have selections that allow you to choose who gets a notice based on charge amounts (Charge Balance or Charge Balance and Fine, respectively). Simply enter the charge range for which you want to send out notices. In Miss Honey's case, she'd enter 1.00 on the lower end and a larger number—such as 100.00—on the higher end.

One thing to note about using the Overdue Items and Unpaid Charges Notice report is that overdue items with fines less than the selected amount won't be included in notices. For example, if $1.00 is the selected minimum and a patron has an overdue item with a 50¢ fine, that overdue item won't show up in the notice.

Patron Balance vs. Charge Balance: What's the difference?

A patron balance reflects the total of all charges and fines a patron currently owes.

However, a charge balance—such as the Charge Balance or Charge Balance and Fine selections here—reflects individual charges rather than a patron's total balance. This means that someone with three 50¢ charges that total $1.50 won't receive a notice since each charge is under the $1.00 (if you set $1.00 as the minimum amount).

Forgive Charges Utility

Did you know that—as of 

can forgive charges by patron balance? That means you can just remove those pesky small balances if you'd prefer. All you need to do is enter a balance range into the Patron Balance selection. Remember to make other necessary adjustments to your selections and options before running the utility.

Patron Balance selection

These specific reports and utility are only available on v7. Still on version 6? Learn about switching to Alexandria 7! 

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