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January 19th, 2021

Alexandria offers a wide variety of cool reports. But... while it's awesome there are so many, we know it can feel overwhelming at times. This is why we've put together a list of specific reports you may want to check out!

Daily/Weekly Reports

Here are some reports you may want to schedule to run once a day or once a week:

  • Holds

    • Expired In-Stock Holds. See which holds haven't been picked up in time and need to be returned to the shelves.

    • On-Shelf Holds. Get a list of holds that need to be gathered from the shelves. Then mark them as in-stock by bookdropping, printing slips, and placing them in the holds pickup area.

Some reports may have improved since the last time you set them up, so be sure to go through your current saved reports.

Helpful Reports

Here are some other helpful reports to consider using:

  • Weeding List. Get an overall view of your collection to decide what needs to be weeded. Note that this report includes all copies. Use selections to narrow the report to one status, one call number range, or one policy at a time.

  • Brief Analysis. See the number of titles/copies, total purchase/replacement cost, and average purchase/replacement cost for selected items.

  • Super Summary. View a quick valuation of your collection. In particular, give the Regular - Ignore Super Summary Call Numbers format a try.

The Super Summary report has been removed as a result of Alexandria switching to a newer and more powerful report engine. We know that this useful report collated a wealth of information into a single source, and we are working to provide a newer version in the near future. See Collection Statistics for alternative reports to use in the meantime. 

  • Unused Barcodes. If you're ordering from a vendor, run this report to ensure certain barcode ranges are free to use and/or to print labels for that unused range.

  • Usage by Period. See checkouts, check-ins, renewals, and hold requests for a particular date range. This is a great report to run at the end of the year! Try out the By Month of the Year format sorted by Entire Range, in particular.

  • Patrons with No Email. Make sure all of your patrons will receive notices by ensuring no one is missing an email address.

Do you have any go-to reports? Share with others in the comments!

These specific reports are only available on v7. Still on version 6? Learn about switching to Alexandria 7! 

Switch to Alexandria 7 ARCHIVED

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