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September 26, 2022

Did you know that Researcher has four different ways to search? Empower your patrons to level up their searching game and utilize your library.

1. Explore 

Explore is the easiest search level, because it is completely click-based–no typing or spelling needed. Explore is fully customizable through Explore Builder, where librarians enter the search terms and determine what topics are highlighted. We have a selection of icons and images you can download to customize Explore for the needs of your library.

Browse is a great way for patrons to look through titles by genre, reading level, or even a specific study program. See Let's browse–it's time to study Genre for more information!

2. Scout

Explore is ideal when the kids can't type yet. When they are ready to type, show them Scout. It's cute, easy to search, and the results are straightforward. Kids can still place holds or see the map to find the item in the library, or they can just check the call number and find the book themselves. 

Did you catch last week's tip? Check out Missing the MARC? for more tips on making your search kid-friendly.

3. Search

Search lets you use the search bar to specify what you're searching for by using filters and utilizing tags. Patrons can click a tag to go to the tag menu, or hold ALT (option) + click the tag to automatically perform the tag search. 

4. Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows for more specific, complex searches using Boolean Operators

Have questions about Search, or want help customizing your Explore? Reach out to our Support team at 1-800-347-4942

Pasha prefers to search using Explore. He's a visual learner. 

Did you know Mitinet EnhanceMARC has a "Kid Friendly" subject heading option? For example, you can add "spider" to items with the subject "arachnid." Want to find out more? Contact our Sales team at 1-800-347-6439 for more information.

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