Tip for: 02.27.17

If you are in a Central Union, you probably share holds with other libraries. Previously when placing a hold in Alexandria, you and your patrons could only place the hold for your ‘home’ library. But… what if you were closer to a different location? Starting in 7.16.2, you and your patrons can specify a Pickup Location when placing a hold.

NOTE: In v6, there is a way you can do a similar thing, by using the NT Change Destination Mode.

In v7, when you go to place a hold, through Search or Explore or Circulation, the dialog gives you options for where the book is coming from and where it is going to.

Place Hold

Choose if you want the first copy that comes in anywhere, or only at your library.

Note: If your policy is set to ‘Only Fill Holds by Copy Site’ the radio buttons will be disabled.

Then set your Pickup Location. It still defaults to your home site so you don’t have to do anything extra if that has been working for you.

You can also edit your Pickup Location via Patron Status, or the Holds tab in Circulation, as long as the item isn’t In-Stock or On-Shelf already.

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