Tip for: 02.13.17

Everything went well the last time you processed an overdue fine. You are wonderful. I’m proud of you. But I can see there are a few more ‘What if’ questions you are dying to ask.

What if…

...Mark wants a list of all his charges? → Bring Mark current in Circulation. In the Charges subtab, Print Charges.

...Mark’s parents want to see his recent financial history? → Bring Mark current in Circulation, then use the actions menu in the Patron Pane to run a Historyreport.

...Mark wants to renew his other items so they don’t become overdue? → With Mark current in Circulation, go to the Renewals tab to renew his items one by one, or use the RA command to renew all his items at once.

Alternatively, you can answer all of the above questions with Patron Status.

Show Mark how to use Status in Researcher to see his checkouts and renew his items.

Patron Status

In v7, click the Status icon at the top. In v6, click your name to see your Status.

Go to the Activity tab.

In Status he could also see his current Charges, his Financial History, and his checkout history.

Remember, Mark’s level of access in Status is based on his Security Group.

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