Tip for March 18, 2019

Over the weekend we released Browse, a new patron interface for browsing your collection. How do you add Browse to your Researcher? You can add a button yourself and use our icon. Or... you can import our pane!


Import an Explore Pane

  1. Download this text file. Researcher Default Pane.txt
  2. Open your Explore Builder.
  3. From the actions menu (gear) choose Import Pane.
  4. Choose File and locate the downloaded text file. 
  5. Alexandria will import the pane; locate it under Researcher Default

Now what?

You can rename the pane. You can add things to it, change it around, whatever you want!

Customizing an existing pane? From any other pane, click Copy From Pane. Then locate the Researcher Default pane, and drag and drop buttons or icons onto your existing pane.

Remember, we have several collections of icons for you to use in Explore Builder, whether on version 7 or version 6.

Download icons from our website!

Browse is only in v7. Are you still on version 6? Learn about switching from v6 to v7! 

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