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Tip for March 25, 2019

You may remember the Command Line Shortcuts tip from a few years ago. (Or maybe you don't—take a look, it's excellent.) That was followed up by Command Line Shortcuts—AdvancedAlso a great read, but it wasn't complete. Here are a few more. 

There are four types of keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Management shortcuts let you add, save, remove, or find records.
  2. Navigation shortcuts that let you move between modules.
  3. Circulation command line shortcuts change screen focus between Circulation tabs.
  4. Circulation commands like R and H let you switch modes to Renewal or Hold.
Management shortcuts
/Ctrl RRemove record
/Ctrl AAdd record
/Ctrl SSave record
/Ctrl DDuplicate record
/Ctrl FFind records
Navigation Shortcuts (v7 only)
/Ctrl 1Go to Circulation
/Ctrl 2Go to Items
/Ctrl 3Go to Patrons
/Ctrl 4Go to Tools
/Ctrl 5Go to Researcher
/Ctrl 6Go to Reports
/Ctrl 0Open the Support Center
Command line navigation shortcuts
FCharges tab
FFCharges history tab
HWHomeroom tab
?Command Help tab
QPatron Details
+Patron Notes
++Copy Notes
LPatron Lookup
TTitle Lookup

Circulation Commands

See the Circulation Commands list for more!

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